Optima Windows and Doors Vinyl-Pro partnership trusts that quality stems from a passion for one’s craft. Unlike mass-produced products, our windows are individually constructed with precise craftsmanship to ensure your windows are beautiful and structurally sound.

Benefits of a Vinyl-Pro Optima Series Window

The benefits of a Vinyl-Pro Optima series window are endless! From energy-efficiency and cost-effective prices, to durability and longevity, choosing a Vinyl-Pro window will never disappoint you. Some of the benefits are:

  • UPVC windows materials are durable and long-lasting. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has deemed it a service life of 35 years.
  • Canadian homeowners spend $1,200 a year to heat their home. According to SAWDAC, “industry standards indicate that about 26 per cent or $300.00 is due to heat loss through windows” (SAWDAC).
  • Energy-efficient windows are crucial to Canadians due to the extreme climate changes.
  • Choosing Energy Star products saves you $126-$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows (EnergyStar).
  • Energy 0efficient windows protect against heat loss, cold drafts, and condensation, which reduces heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning costs.
  • Winter months allow the sun’s low elevation to shine through south facing windows. These solar gains can reduce heating costs during the winter (OEE).
  • Energy-efficient windows are less likely to have condensation. Their resistance to condensation relies on indoor humidity levels. A level of more than 40% when the outside temperature is -20 C or colder, may cause condensation even on a good performing window (OEE).

Start saving saving money and living comfortably today. An investment in Vinyl-Pro Optima series windows will benefit all areas of your life, allowing you have gorgeous windows all while saving money and the planet.

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