Ensuring windows and doors are energy efficient has made an astounding impact in recent years. By reducing energy consumption, homeowners not only cut their costs and improve their comfort around the home, but help to reduce negative emissions to the environment.

Vinyl-Pro aids in maximizing energy efficiency in their windows through:

  • Fusion Welding
  • Weather-Stripping
  • Glass Types
  • Low-Emissive Glass Coatings

We also implement Super Spacer insulating glass units to provide thermal performance and also has the lowest U-Value in the industry.

What is Energy Star?

 Energy Star is a joint-program between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Canadian Department of Energy. This program protects the environment by approving certain products and practices that prove to be energy efficient. Certification from Energy Star can only be upheld after multiple testings from a laboratory. All Vinyl-pro products exceed the Energy Star standards to ensure you are making the best choice.

Understanding the Energy Star Performance Markers:


 The U-Factor is a measurement of how much energy a material can conduct. With windows, the lower the U-Factor is, the stronger the window will resist to loss of heat. Likewise, a lower U-Factor rating, the more money you will save during winter months.

Solar Heat Gain

 A Solar Heat Gain co-efficient measures solar radiation that is transmitted through a material. The lower the rating, the more ultraviolet (UV) rays your window will absorb. This helps immensely to save you money in the summertime.

Air Leakage

 Air Leakage rating is a measurement of the amount of air passing through cracks in the window. This affects heat loss and agin. Therefore, the lower the rating, the less air will pass through.

Energy Rating

Energy ratings take into consideration a combination of Solar heat Gain co-efficient, air leakage, and heat loss.

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