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    There are plenty of reasons to replace your Oakville windows and doors. Improving the energy efficiency of your home is always a priority, new windows and doors also enhance the appearance of your home.

    Properly installed windows and doors can have a major impact on driving your energy consumption much lower than before. Along with this bonus, there are the aesthetic benefits that new windows and doors will give your home and allow you to obtain a higher value for your home.

    Our huge range of energy efficient Oakville windows and doors will provide you with the perfect style and colour options to compliment and enhance your home.

    Oakville Windows and Doors Replacement and Installation

    Understanding the Types of Windows Residents Need

    It is important to understand what specific needs for windows Oakville residents require. The contractor must be aware of the environment as well as the unique specifications that are exclusive to each different home. The vinyl windows that we manufacture at Optima Windows and Doors are created with the customer and the regions specific conditions in mind. Our windows and doors are manufactured to withstand the harsh element s of Canadian winters as well as the harmful ultraviolet rays that summer brings with it.

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    If you are in limbo about whether it is time to replace your windows and doors, there are a few guidelines that will assist you in determining how imminent your replacement should be. We will list some of the tell-tale factors that will help you determine the answer.

    1. If there are sounds emanating from your windows or doors when you open and close them, this is a sign of ill-fitting windows and/or doors.
    2. If you may have had pets that have damaged your windows in ways that cannot be repaired.
    3. If you find that you must always use the storm windows.
    4. If you are having difficulty opening or closing your windows or doors.
    5. If there are accumulations of moisture on the inside of your windows and/or doors, this is a sign of leaky seals.
    6. If you notice that when you are near a window or door, you feel a significant draft.
    7. Another sign of problems is if it is noisy inside your home when there is no reason for noises to be heard.
    8. You may notice that your pictures or artwork in your home age prematurely.
    9. Another sign of a problem and the most obvious one is an abnormally high or steadily increasing electric bill.

    These are a few of the obvious signs that you need to seriously consider contacting a contractor sooner rather than later. Malfunctioning windows can also be a security issue as well as an eyesore. It is difficult to maintain a home that has curb appeal when the windows are subpar.

    windows oakvilleDo not Forget Those Doors

    The types of replacement doors Oakville residents lean toward are doors that are not only appealing to the eye but also durable. The harsh winters of Canada are hard on exposed items, so the entry doors to your home are no exception. The entry door also allows your guests to obtain the first impression of you and your home, and you want that impression to be a good one.

    If your door is not functioning properly, it also creates a greater risk for high energy cost as well as an increased risk for home invasion. A new door is one of the main eye-catchers for those who may be shopping for a new home as well, so replacing that dingy worn outer door can automatically increase your home’s curb appeal and get you a substantial monetary increase should you decide to sell your home.

    Remember to seek out a certified contractor when readying yourself for a replacement project. A poorly installed door or window can present dangerous risks, such as mold, to the interior of your home and its environment. Once you have all the facts, you are ready to move forward with your project and we hope that you will allow the professionals at Optima Windows and Doors the privilege of serving your needs.

    Window Replacement Cost in Oakville

    Window Type Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Awning Windows C$410 — C$950
    Casement Windows C$410 — C$950
    Fixed Windows C$400 — C$900
    Hung Windows C$410 — C$950
    Slider Windows C$410 — C$950
    Hopper Windows C$300 — C$800
    Window Location Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Living Room C$1860 — C$2920
    Kitchen C$590 — C$1260
    Bedroom C$620 — C$1310
    Basement C$380 — C$690
    Basement Egress C$1430 — C$4900
    Bay/Bow C$2950 — C$4500

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    Casement Windows

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