Our company is a partnership of two enterprises – the Optima Windows and Doors and Vinyl Pro groups. This combination of renovation and window experts allows our parts of the new group to specialize and produce workmanship on a new level of quality and scale.

Optima Windows and Doors windows have little in common with the mass produced windows offered in hardware stores and installed by some other renovation groups. We insist to make sure each window carries our signature of superior quality and durability which gained us our name to begin with.

The Optima Windows and Doors series windows were designed by in-house specialists and each frame is constructed with meticulous care and precision. What our clients enjoy are durable, majestic works of high craft. Their visual appeal can only be matched by their structural integrity, both qualities being the hallmarks and points of pride of our company.

In addition to their visual appeal and sound construction, the Optima Windows and Doors brand window also carries another benefit, and not a small one at all. Those windows are made to meet the harshest industry standards in energy efficiency and so they are able to easily repel the harshest Canadian winters.

Keeping a warm house in the cold time of year is not just convenient and pleasant however. It is also financially sound. Our calculations show that the average household wastes hundreds of dollars a year on energy spent on heat loss in the winter.

Optima Windows and Doors have a Minimal Footprint on the Environment

Our windows are built with fusion-welded sashes and frames, making them impregnable to water, snow or air when sealed. The effect is made perfect by the double insulated glass. Keeping that heat inside the house means yearly savings of hundreds of dollars, which also means that our windows essentially pay for themselves.

We also believe in optimizing our practices in the environmental sense and avoid harsh chemicals and other such things when we work. Our UPVC formula is a 100% lead free and we recycle absolutely everything we can recycle or reuse, which means your windows project will have a minimal footprint on the environment.

Our Optima Windows and Doors series windows are based on top-of-the-line German technology, which sets it on a sound foundation of a long tradition of fine engineering and attention to detail. Every part is crafted with care and diligence, making our product one of the best in the market today, if not the absolute best.

Finally, those windows come with an exclusive warranty, proving once again that this product is top of the line and we’re not afraid to back it up. Those are windows for a lifetime, and likely more.

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