Hung Windows Installation Toronto

The smaller cousin of our new double hung window, the single hung version is graceful and elegant, as well as easy to use and clean. Their shape makes them perfect for rooms and parts of the house that don’t require too much light, such as bedrooms.

The energy efficient vinyl frame is also present here, reducing product cost as well as future energy bills. The spiral sash balance system makes it not just easier to use but safer as well. No wonder it is definitely one of the most popular choices for windows in Canada.

Overall U-Value: 1.65
Energy Rating: 34
NRCan Reference: NR7033-20154535-ES5
Overall U-Value: 1.04
Energy Rating: 39
NRCan Reference: NR7033-33046953-ES5

Vinyl Windows


Awning Windows


Casement Windows

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Fixed Windows


Hung Windows


Slider Windows

Hopper window Toronto

Hopper Windows

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    Windows Prices

    Window Type Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Awning Windows C$410 — C$950
    Casement Windows C$410 — C$950
    Fixed Windows C$400 — C$900
    Hung Windows C$410 — C$950
    Slider Windows C$410 — C$950
    Hopper Windows C$300 — C$800
    Window Location Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Living Room C$1860 — C$2920
    Kitchen C$590 — C$1260
    Bedroom C$620 — C$1310
    Basement C$380 — C$690
    Basement Egress C$1430 — C$4900
    Bay/Bow C$2950 — C$4500

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