Awning Windows Installation Toronto

Awning windows are a graceful, elegant addition to the home, combining modern simplicity with easy grace reflected in the manner that they open. Their unpretentious presence will allow plenty of unobstructed sunlight indoors while providing ample room for fresh air.

Equipped with our standard safety features, awning windows will fit with perfect ease in a kitchen or a child’s room. They can be used in sets of one or more depending on the window size.

Their design lets them open downwards, meaning you can aerate the house while being fully protected from rain and snow. Finally, our awning windows have all the energy saving qualities of our other window models.

Overall U-Value: 1.3
Energy Rating: 34
NRCan Reference: NR7033-34949483-ES5
Overall U-Value: 1.04
Energy Rating: 38
NRCan Reference: NR7033-34949489-ES5

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Awning Windows


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    Windows Prices

    Window Type Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Awning Windows C$410 — C$950
    Casement Windows C$410 — C$950
    Fixed Windows C$400 — C$900
    Hung Windows C$410 — C$950
    Slider Windows C$410 — C$950
    Hopper Windows C$300 — C$800
    Window Location Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Living Room C$1860 — C$2920
    Kitchen C$590 — C$1260
    Bedroom C$620 — C$1310
    Basement C$380 — C$690
    Basement Egress C$1430 — C$4900
    Bay/Bow C$2950 — C$4500

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