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Fixed casement windows are the best choice when you need to light but not aerate a room. If the room is already well ventilated but needs a bit of extra light, a fixed casement will provide you with just that and at a modest cost.

The less moving parts, the simpler and more affordable the window, giving you a purely aesthetic pleasure and saving some money in the process.

Overall U-Value: 1.45
Energy Rating: 38
NRCan Reference: NR7033-35334478-ES5
Overall U-Value: 1
Energy Rating: 43
NRCan Reference: NR7033-34949459-ES5

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Fixed Windows


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    Windows Prices

    Window Type Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Awning Windows C$410 — C$950
    Casement Windows C$410 — C$950
    Fixed Windows C$400 — C$900
    Hung Windows C$410 — C$950
    Slider Windows C$410 — C$950
    Hopper Windows C$300 — C$800
    Window Location Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Living Room C$1860 — C$2920
    Kitchen C$590 — C$1260
    Bedroom C$620 — C$1310
    Basement C$380 — C$690
    Basement Egress C$1430 — C$4900
    Bay/Bow C$2950 — C$4500

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