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We cary ENERGY STAR® 2021 Most Efficient certified Windows and Doors that qualify for the maximum amount redeemable under the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

Financing Available.

We offer low-interest financing for up to 15 years, allowing you to pay a little as you go and start enjoying your improved home earlier.

Lifetime warranty

We stand behind our work from the very beginning of our operation. We will replace or repair any units that fail for any reason.

Optima Windows and Doors is an approved installer for The Greener Homes Grant. You are one step closer to eliminating window drafts, leaks, and mold with the new, Energy Star 2021 certified windows and doors.

Why replace your windows & doors?

If you are experiencing one or more of the following problems it’s time to get your windows replaced or repaired.

Cloudiness or mold

Rotting frames

High energy cost

Peeling paint

Our Advantage

The new generation of window glass and construction make window replacement an essential update for many households. This clever and affordable upgrade increases home value, plus replacing your windows and doors with New Energy Efficient models make a HUGE improvement to your home’s comfort by eliminating drafts, leeks, window cloudiness and mold. Manufactured in here at home in Toronto, Ontario 🍁, Optima‘s Whole-Home Window Replacement installs in under 8 hours*! Patented window technology protects your home in any weather and is guaranteed and with a Lifetime Warranty 🛡️

whole home
≈ 8 hours

We carefully remove your old windows and doors and take them away to a recycling facility. Then we install your new windows and doors, caulk the exterior and install trim on the interior. Your new windows and doors are backed by a LifeTime Warranty

New Generation Glass

Low-E glass is a form of glass that reflects the sunlight, it allows some of the rays in, and reflects some of the rays. Optima Windows & Doors currently is using a 5th generation Low-E product.

Advance Spacer System

In older windows a single piece of aluminum was used as a spacer, caulked to the two pieces of glass creating a thermal bridge that would result in heat loss. Optima does not use any type of metal in its spacer systems.

Premium Vinyl

When we are talking about vinyl windows, the most important part is obviously the vinyl. It is easy for a manufacturer to save money by making their window frames thinner, but that’s not the case with Optima Windows & Doors. In fact, Optima makes one of the heaviest windows on the market, using a premium, surgical-grade vinyl with no fillers or re-grind. This makes sure that the new windows last a lifetime, with our fading, warping or cracking.

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