Get Rid of Condensation and Frost on Windows This Winter

Canadians are used to the extreme nature of winters. They have to shovel snow from the driveways and scrape off ice on a regular basis to make their way to work. However, people living at the comfort of their homes cannot imagine the struggles of going out in heavy snowfall or storm. But, what does it feel like if outside weather starts to interfere in the home? Let’s find out.

Causes of Frosting on Windows

When in winter, the windows get a thick layer of ice or frosting, there is nothing to worry about. Do not think that it is because of the quality of windows. The real culprit is frost on windows! When water vapors fall on the surface of windows, the temperature of which is below or near freezing point, it converts into frost and accumulates on the edges of GTA windows

Do not mix up this phenomenon with condensation on bathroom windows after taking a hot shower. The vapors so produced condense over time on the window surface. Both condensation and frosting can develop even if homes have high-quality windows. 

Methods of Prevention

While condensation and frost occur naturally, no one can afford to ignore their impact. Yes, homeowners have to do the following things in order to prevent their homes from adverse effects of condensation and frost on windows:

  • Optima Windows and Doors suggests installing Energy Star certified items to resist harsh winters. These products help homeowners to save money as well as time in addition to keeping the environment healthy.
  • Heat should circulate properly across the home. The ideal method is to install heat sources under windows. 
  • Maximize air circulation by removing blinds and curtains during the day time in order to avoid water from accumulating on windows. 
  • Do not forget to turn on the fan while taking a shower or bath to evacuate humidity from the bathroom. 
  • Do not use dryer vent or dry clothes inside the home. Rather, place the dryer outside and set a place for drying clothes. 

Conditions When Frost Becomes Abnormal

When there is frost or ice on the inside of windows, it is crucial to start paying attention to the problem. If the units have wooden frames, then chances are high that they would rot or warp over time. To get rid of this, the ideal way is to appoint someone for their replacement. However, for aluminum or PVC windows, wiping off the glass can do the job.

If someone does not want to get into the trouble of always taking care of windows, Optima Windows and Doors suggests opting durable materials. Wood is always a troublesome selection, so it is better to avoid using it. Durable materials do not only save money but also keep inhabitants satisfied and comfortable for a long time period. Homeowners can also get information on each option from this company. Their representatives just have to know the location and area they want to work on. Also, they will figure out weather conditions to suggest the best possible option. Once done, owners can live happily and satisfied for ages.

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