Why Is a Hopper Window Different From Other Types?

Like casement windows, a hopper window is a single-styled unit that is usually hinged on the bottom to open instead of sliding. It opens inwards and lets fresh air to keep the interior comfortable. The best part is that these windows are available in numerous sizes, meaning that owners can always have something for their small to big openings. 

The distinguishing factor of hopper windows Mississauga is their versatility for small spaces and the ability to open completely. For smaller spaces, they provide the entire area for ventilation, instead of sliders that utilize half of the space for opening. For this reason, they are best suited for bathrooms and basements where it is necessary to maintain ventilation at its maximum. 

A hopper window is famous for being hinged from the bottom and having a locking system at the top. It has a lever-style handle to open and close the sashes as per the need. It does not compromise on security and privacy as well. However, the features depend on the size and space it is installed in. 

According to Optima Windows and Doors, these types of windows are readily available at home improvement stores and dealers. They pride themselves on being energy efficient and functional in any situation. They just need homeowners to realize their importance and figure out where they should be placed for the best results. However, if someone is looking for their alternative, then the company suggests going for either tinting or privacy films. 

The fact that makes a hopper window more superior than others is its ability to accommodate the entire window screen. Unlike a casement, it opens inward against the screen. 

Other than that, here are some advantages and disadvantages of using this window type worth considering:


  • Since a hopper is hinged at the bottom and opens inward completely, it offers optimum ventilation no matter where and how it is installed.
  • Its crank handle makes its operation easy and effortless. It does not require inhabitants to wrestle with gravity and panes to open or close the sash.
  • Its opening direction makes cleaning easier. While the window catches a lot of dirt and dust, its way of opening and closing makes cleaning a breeze.
  • When closed, a hopper develops three seals that are responsible for maintaining comfort inside. It is actually better than a double or single hung window. 


  • It is difficult to cover a hopper with blinds because of how it opens. Tinting may help in privacy, or blinds/shades can be added for better results.
  • When open, a hopper window can allow water or moisture to enter the rooms. 
  • Unlike windows that open outward, a hopper is quite easy to break-in for an intrusion. Although it has a lock at the top, it cannot work sometimes. 

Now that the basics are clear, it is a bit easier for homeowners to make up their mind about whether to install a hopper window or not. They can also take help from Optima Windows and Doors whose experts choose to visit the home before giving their suggestions.

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