How to Treat and Prevent Window Mold

Between dirt, dust, weather conditions, and dead bugs, your windows can appear quite dirty at times. Luckily, these are easy to wipe away with a little elbow grease. Window mold, on the other hand, is a pesky problem that many homeowners face. Mold is more difficult to remove and can cause a plethora of problems if not properly remedied.

If mold on windows is a recurring issue in your home, it might be time for vinyl replacement windows. Continue reading to find out what causes mold on your windows as well as how to clean and prevent it from recurring.

Guide to Cleaning and Preventing Window Mold

How Does Window Mold Form?

Mold is a living organism, namely a fungus that grows in areas that are damp and do not get a lot of light. Moreover, it tends to form in areas where there is little to no ventilation. Mold can form within 24 hours after exposure to these conditions. Persistent mold on windows might be an indicator that you need replacement windows.

Mold most often forms in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, as they are prone to high amounts of humidity. Furthermore, mold can grow on rugs, carpets, walls, and even furniture.

If anyone in your household suffers from breathing issues or allergies, mold can increase such symptoms as wheezing, eye irritation, and even skin rashes. Black mold is considered especially dangerous because it can lead to death in extreme cases, as it attacks the central nervous system.

Why Is Window Mold a Problem?

The windows on your home are susceptible to mold, as they tend to be exposed to a great deal of moisture from humidity and other conditions. When the outside air is cold, it can clash with the warmer temperatures of the interior of your home. This forms condensation, which can later lead to mold if it is not resolved.

Not only is window mold an issue, it can also affect the foundation of your home. If your window frames or walls are designed of wood, mold can start to form on these areas and cause damage to these structures.

How Do You Get Rid of Window Mold?

You can try to treat window mold yourself, but we recommend that you seek professional help if the growth of the mold is more than one square meter.

Follow these steps for mold removal on windows:
Wear protective clothing/gear, such as long-sleeved pants and shirts, rubber gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask.
Cleanse the affected area completely with warm water and unscented dish soap.
Use a mixture of water and baking soda to clean the drywall.
Apply fermented white vinegar, letting it sit for thirty minutes before washing it away completely with a sponge and warm water.
Alternatively, you can use a solution of 3% Tea Tree Oil (or 2 cups of water mixed with 2 tsp. of Tea Tree Oil).
Immediately dispose of all materials that were used to remove the mold. Wash or dispose of your clothes right away as well.
***DO NOT use bleach to mold infested areas. It just bleaches the mold, disguising it rather than killing.

How to Prevent Window Mold

Proper Ventilation: Airflow can help prevent mold growth. Open windows and doors when possible and utilize exhaust fans and dehumidifiers to help remove excess moisture from bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and laundry rooms.
Adequate Cleaning: Prevent mold spores from growing and spreading by frequent dusting and vacuuming. Also, wash your windows regularly using the baking soda and vinegar solution.
Moisture Elimination: Keeping your window casings and sills dry will help prevent window mold. Moreso, keep your gutters clean to prevent water from draining to your windows. Make sure your windows are poorly caulked and sealed.

If you suspect you have an issue with window mold, contact Optima Windows and Doors. We can meet with you in your home to see if the issue can be resolved with cleaning or if window replacement is necessary.

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