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    New windows and doors Mississauga and the surrounding area, done by professional windows and doors installers at Optima Windows and Doors. We carry a wide variety of windows and doors designs and materials, with which we can create the window or door of your dreams. We will try to fulfill any special requirements you may have, help you decide which windows and doors to install and complete our professional windows and doors installation service with satisfaction guarantee! Our vinyl windows come with a lifetime warranty and are built and designed to comply with the highest specifications in the market. Our highly-trained professionals are ready to serve you and meet your design specifications.

    If you desire a new, fresh look for your home, the best way to accomplish this is to obtain new windows. Our staff will replace your windows with an exact measurement replacement to eliminate drafts and leaks, therefore, improving energy-efficiency. We carry a broad array of colors and styles to meet nearly any design taste and preference. This allows us to be confident that we will meet, if not exceed, your expectations when creating your new windows.

    Knowing What Kind of Windows Mississauga Residents Need

    It is vital to know what type of windows Mississauga residents not only want but need. With harsh Canadian winters, energy-efficiency is of utmost importance. Optima Windows and Doors understands that for windows and doors to function properly, it must meet precise specifications to provide the customer with the best performing window and door possible. Proper insulating and sealing of a replacement window and door is vital to the proper performance that is needed. Our highly trained professionals understand this and take extra time to assure that this step, as well as all the steps of the installation, design, and manufacturing process, is properly followed.

    Choosing the Right Doors and Windows Mississauga Needs

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    When you are selecting the doors and windows Mississauga weather requires you to choose, you do not want to sacrifice appearance just to achieve performance. This is where we at Optima Windows and Doors can be of assistance. You want the entry door of your home to be functional and inviting so that your home can remain aesthetically pleasing. The door allows your visitors to get a first impression of you and your home, and you do not want that impression to be a bad one. There are also several points that you should keep in mind when purchasing your doors. They are:

    • The entry door will have to be durable to withstand the harsh winter weather of Canada. Should you choose a heavy wooden door for the entry of your home, keep in mind that you should use paint or varnish to protect it.
    • Entry doors face a lot of wear and tear. The durability of a door is essential since it will be heavily used by all who enter and exit your abode.
    • Research the various types of materials that entry doors are made of to assure that you can acquire the door that will suit your design tastes as well as your budget.

    Understanding Door Installation Mississauga Homes Require

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    When it comes to proper door installation Mississauga homes need, a contractor must understand all the aspects involved for that specific area. There are a variety of factors that will have an impact on the proper performance of the door or window. There are such environmental conditions as exposure to ultraviolet light, harsh elements of weather, and others that will eventually have an impact on the ability of the door or window to function properly. Optima Windows and Doors pride themselves in considering all the issues involved while keeping the appearance of your home a priority.

    At Optima Windows and Doors, we understand the importance of functionality, aesthetics, and durability. We also have an excellent staff that is highly-trained in their specific areas of expertise. From our customer service representatives to our installation technicians, you will be astonished at how smooth the process flows. Your satisfaction is our main priority, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

    Window Replacement Cost in Mississauga

    Window Type Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Awning Windows C$410 — C$950
    Casement Windows C$410 — C$950
    Fixed Windows C$400 — C$900
    Hung Windows C$410 — C$950
    Slider Windows C$410 — C$950
    Hopper Windows C$300 — C$800
    Window Location Avg. Price Min — Avg. Price Max
    Living Room C$1860 — C$2920
    Kitchen C$590 — C$1260
    Bedroom C$620 — C$1310
    Basement C$380 — C$690
    Basement Egress C$1430 — C$4900
    Bay/Bow C$2950 — C$4500

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